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BatoChemLab is an ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Private Laboratory established in 1988 and incorporated in 1993. We are an accredited Analytical and Environmental Consulting Firm engaged in rendering analytical and environmental related consultancy services to all sectors of the economy. Located at Bato House, Plot A, Block 11a, Lasun Olaitan Avenue, Riverview Estate, Isheri North, Ogun State, Nigeria. Our laboratories with their highly trained professional staff and modern equipment have the capability and authority to:

(I) Analyse Raw Materials, Water, Wastewater, Food Products as well as Drinks, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Soil, Grains and Cosmetics products

(ii) Monitor and analyse all sorts of environmental pollution indicator parameters in water, air, soil / sediments, plants and chemical samples

(Iii) Issue government recognized Certificate of Analysis

(Iv) Develop environmental management systems that over time can lead to sustainable environmental excellence.

Our laboratories, operated by Federal Government designated Food and Drug Analysts who are also active members of the Institute of Public Analysts of Nigeria, have been accredited by government regulatory agencies such as DPR, Federal Ministry of Environment (FME) NESREA and State Environmental Protection Agencies (including Lagos and Ogun State).

Our services are customized to meet the needs of each particular client. The common goal is to enable our clients effectively carry out their designated operations and be able to comply with specifications of appropriate Regulatory Agencies. Our extensive lists of clients have continually expressed satisfaction over the dependability of our analytical findings as well as our highly flexible yet acceptable turnaround time.

Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, GAIN, an international organization, has currently embarked on projects aimed at eradicating malnutrition in the developing world through effective food fortification. It is worth mentioning that BatoChemLab has been certified as one of the few Laboratories to monitor compliance in Nigeria.


Our goal as an organisation is to provide accurate and repeatable analysis of Food, Drugs, Cosmetics, Water/Wastewater and Sea Foods and also Environmental Monitoring and Auditing using methods that are internationally acceptable and bearing in mind the fact that someones life could be placed on the line as a result of wrong analytical information.


Every Certificate of Analysis issued by BatoChemLab carries analytical data generated through meticulous and well tested Analytical Methodologies. This is and must always be so because at BatoChemLab, every Certificate of Analysis is expected to convey a seal of our proven dependability to all our clients whose interest we must strive to satisfy at all times without compromising quality standard. In other to achieve this, Quality Assurance in our laboratories is of top-most priority. Every analytical finding, methodology and personnel have passed through customary and rigorous quality validation procedures.

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